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Targeted recruiting is smart recruiting.

We can help you target and segment your driver recruiting based on:




type Of Haul

Plus More

list of different drivers that are in the industry.

Dedicated driver
Flat bed driver
Heavy Haul driver
Intermodal driver
Ocean Container driver
Refrigerated driver
Local driver
Semi-local driver
Swing Cover driver
Yard driver
Tanker Driver

Owner Operator solo driver
Owner Operator Team drivers
Regional driver
Dump truck driver
Dolly driver
Straight truck driver
Part-time driver
Moving driver *residential and commercial –
local and interstate
LTL (less then truckload driver)
Straight truck driver

Digital Marketing

We can help you create compelling content to engage, motivate and inspire drivers.

Content Marketing

As a Google Partner, we have the expertise to reach the drivers you’re looking for.

Custom Events

Our custom events are great for networking, recruiting, and meeting drivers face to face.

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‘It’s 3am, I’m on a long haul from Dallas to LA. Deadline is 4am and it’s looking good! Then boom, bumper to bumper traffic as soon as I hit the 6. There’s an accident up ahead, I can’t see it, but all I can hope it isn’t too far around the bend….’ The industries Truckers support have grown, evolved and continue to do so. yet the Trucking industry is the same as it was 30 years ago. Unrealistic deadlines and a suit telling you you’re pays been docked because of something you can’t control. Truck Drivers are the backbone of our nation. Without Truckers the nation stops, and people don’t even realise it. Something needs to change, the industry is in crisis and the pressure is only increasing. The risks At US Trucking Recruiters we’re on your side. You work for us and we’ll be the ones to negotiate change with the Trucking Companies, and eventually that change will be felt by the industry. We’re realistic in what we’re trying to do and know it won’t happen overnight, but with the best Truckers on board, it’s only a matter of time. This is much more than a route, we’re building a community of the baddest truckers from across this great nation of ours to make country run smoother than ever. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, click here.’


The Trucking Industry is in crisis, it’s no secret, everybody knows it.

We keep hearing that everything being tried doesn’t work and the Industry is at a loss because of it.

If we back that Big Rig up just a little we can see that ‘everything that has been tried’ is actually ‘everything but change’.

The number of industries Truckers support continues to grow but the Trucking Sector isn’t evolving like the industries it supports.

It is time for change. Demand for truckers is high, but the supply is low. The change needs to start at the ground level.

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