About Us

About us

The Trucking Industry is in crisis, it’s no secret, everybody knows it.

We keep hearing that everything being tried doesn’t work and the Industry is at a loss because of it.

If we back that Big Rig up just a little we can see that ‘everything that has been tried’ is actually ‘everything but change’.

The number of industries Truckers support continues to grow but the Trucking Sector isn’t evolving like the industries it supports.

It is time for change. Demand for truckers is high, but the supply is low. The change needs to start at the ground level.

We believe that the Truckers need to be incentivised better, not just financially either. Work conditions, deadline adjustments to take into account the sheer number of users on the road, and the benefits received to name a few.
We’ve built a network of Trucking Companies that need you, you will be one of us and on the road for them. We’re on your side and will only place you with the companies that we see as a good fit for our model and of course you, the Trucker.

Be part of the change.


We can help you create compelling content to engage, motivate and inspire drivers.


As a Google Partner, we have the expertise to reach the drivers you’re looking for.


Our custom events are great for networking, recruiting, and meeting drivers face to face.

What our customers think

US Trucking Recruiters was an incredible company to work with, they take care of their employees and follows all guidelines for drivers and keeps an eye on their employees to make sure the employees are ok and doing work safely and efficiently.
Sara Johnon
Wonderful company to work with. Everyone that works here really help drivers succeed.
John Milson
Looca CTO
This is a great company to work for if you have a problem they always work with you so that you have a positive outcome. When you work for this company it’s not just a company everyone here is team and it’s more of a family feeling.
Ben Lourenson
GGO Founder

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