Trucking Companies

Not all Truckers are the same, but you know that.

The industries Truckers support have grown, evolved and continue to do so, yet the Trucking industry is the same as it was 30 years ago. Something needs to change, the industry is in crisis and the pressure is only increasing.

We aren’t your run of the mill Recruiting company, we aren’t doing things the way they’re meant to be done. We place the best Truckers this country has on offer and place them with the companies who drive the nation day in and day out.

We know what you’re thinking, that’s not really that different, but let us finish.

Our drivers are not a commodity for use to trade and make money off, our Truckers are part of a community that we’ve created and care deeply about.

These Truckers are just like you, bills to pay, mouths to feed and work their butts off every damn day. These are the guys and girls you want to be driving the nation.

Pump the breaks! We know what you’re thinking, ‘Sounds like the spiel all Recruiters have’. 

It isn’t, and to prove it we offer a term based guarantee for the Truckers we provide. 3 and 6 month guarantees are available. 

Now that we’ve got your attention, click here to learn more.

US Trucking Recruiters know that and we’ve decided to do things differently.

We know that!